Time have change, so have beauty.

We’re witnessing a transformation, and it’s changing the way we think about the world of aesthetic skincare.

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Other than giving you the peace of mind to partner with us – an established company that provides quality products, you can also enjoy the following value-added services offered by Cosderm, making a positive impact in your practice.

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Specific and Targeted Treatment

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Understand the dynamics of a society is key to the future survival of a business.

We belive that sciene can create brand of the newest and most innovative skincare for a specific treatment purpose. COSDERM works with reputable and reliable pricipals in developing and delivering the safest, most advanced product line possible to clinical professionals.

Over the years, there has been tremendous increase in awareness and market demand for aesthetic cosmeceuticals product. We are confident that there is a very bright future ahead for cosmeceuticlas in this country.

As a leading company in aesthetic cosmeceuticals market, we are glad to be always one step forward before others. Credit to our team always move along the trend and source the newest & most innovative product, invest on public education, being consideration on after-sales service and work closely with the matketing needs of clients.

Worldwide physician recognize BRANDS.

Our principals showcase during all major physician's meetings and conferences.

What do physicians say about us?

Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon,

M Clinic, Penang.

“Cosderm has provided me with good service and backup, many of my patients like their products and the number of repeat customers I get speaks volumes!”

- Dr. (Mr.) Lee Kim Siea -

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Brand awareness plays a key role in your patient decisions. When faced with several options, brand awareness makes certain choices a little more obvious than others.

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Epigenetics Technology: The Biggest Trend in the Medical Skin Care Industry 2018.

Discover how Nimni™ Technology with Epigenetics and significantly improve the appearance of skin’s fullness and elasticity.


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