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GLAM'S® 1.7 oz. e 50ml/bottle

The effective injection free Botulinum toxin alternatives

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  • Benefits of Glam's®

      GLAM'S - The Original Injection Free of Botulinum Toxin Alternative


      The powerful effect of the ingredients is clinically proven and user tested the reduction of the wrinkle depth up to 70%. It proves to us, that GLAM’S are worldwide the best injection free alternative and leader of wrinkles fighters.

  • The Best Botulinum Toxin Alternative

      GLAM'S are unique because GLAM'S was developed in Switzerland and produced in the USA as real Botulinum Toxin alternative. Since many years GLAM’S are the most effective treatment against wrinkles, with long lasting visible results.

  • Youth skin without side effects and


    GLAM'S has a Botulinum toxin like effect, with the difference that Botulinum Toxin paralyze the muscles and GLAM'S acts merely as muscle relaxant directly at the end of the nerves.


    Through a targeted relaxation, the wrinkles get smoother and formation of new lines will be prevented. The additional refilling properties of highly dosed 40% of hyaluronic acid, makes the skin tight and youthful.

  • Effective, Safe & Long Lasting

    Enriched with 10% Argireline, GLAM'S contains an active anti wrinkle agent, with a slightly transparent and gelatinous texture.


    This formulation ensures the complete development of the agents. Combined to agents like hyaluronic acid and red seaweed extracts, GLAM'S offer to the customers a treatment against premature skin aging and a active wrinkles action. The skin obtains protection from free radicals, acceleration of cell reformation and improvement of elasticity.


    Injection free and without cosmetic surgeries.

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